Il Venius was born Patrick Keith Stacey in Yorkshire, England. He studied classical romantic music under LRAM private tuition from the age of 9. On leaving University he began working with many and varied musicians particularly in the Celtic, New Age, World, and Electronic genres. Patrick’s first commission was for Singapore’s national radio broadcaster (as well as a commission for a piece for performance at the United Nations headquarters in New York). His music was subsequently played widely including Singapore Airlines, BBC Radio, ITV2 and published on a variety of labels including Blue Pie Records, WOA Records, Sync Shoppe (Paris, BMI related) and Electronic Rumours. He returned to the UK to work on a new sound and become an artist in his own right. The result is Il Venius, a wordplay on Venus and genius; the former is love the latter mind and creativity. Il Venius’s debut song “Solus Amor” sees Patrick drawing on his tenor voice which Justin Stoney of New York Vocal Coaching describes as “Beautiful expressiveness and soulfulness!!!”. Solus Amor, and Il Venius per se, draw on classical, ambient and world music to create a style which is both atmospheric and powerful.


Music and the Arts is core to his family background. His mother is a dance teacher, his father a relative of author Alexander Dumas, his uncle Roger and cousin Ian are accomplished performers of English folk music, while his partner Joanna is a script writer.