Artist Biography


Il Venius is an artist who has composed for and produced major international artists including: ‘Atman’, ‘Nuradee’, and ‘Techniques’ (formerly KBC). His music has been performed at distinguished venues such as the United Nations and been used (Sync’d) in major TV network productions.


Il Venius returned to the UK to find his own sound and become an artist in his own right. He blends the musical styles of international artists he has worked with, not to mention his own preferences for electronic and world music. His sound has shades of Adiemus and Enigma, with an electronic gloss, soundscape and classical Latin song. His music is deep, warm, calm and inspirational. The debut track is called “Solus Amor” (Only Love).


Music and the Arts is core to his family background; Il Venius was born to English parents and spent much time growing up in Scotland absorbing many forms of Celtic music. His mother is a dance teacher, his father a relative of author Alexander Dumas, his uncle and cousin are accomplished performers of English folk music, while his partner is a script writer.